Group event – May 27th

A group of us met on May 27th to work on cards. We completed about 25 during our time together. I confess I did better with creating than I did with writing since I was chatting with the other attendees! (I’ll need to write my notes at home. )

Now that I know there’s enough interest – both working as a group and individually – I’m opening up the form to request cards. If you’re interested in creating cards, please fill out this form.

Several people have offered to help financially with this project. While I really appreciate the offer, I won’t take anything at this time. If I do down the road, I want to be very transparent. (I’ll start tracking any costs and we can figure that out later for those who are interested in contributing.)

Please note that any cards you create and send from home are a HUGE contribution! By being part of this, you are already graciously giving your time by creating cards and your finances by buying stamps when you send cards from your home.

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