Card Request – One80 Place

We have another organization to add to our recipient list.

One80Place, located downtown, serves the homeless community in Charleston. (For those of you who have lived here a while, you may know it by the former name of Crisis Ministries).

Similar to Hope to Home, they also provide move-in kits for clients transitioning from the shelter to a home. The messages in our cards can be similar to what you write for Hope to Home. The goal is to offer encouraging messages of support for recipients as they have a fresh start.

I suggest not sealing the individual envelopes. This will make it easy for the staff to review the cards before distributing and/or to add a specific recipient’s name.

Mailing address:

One80 Place
Attn: Katie Smith
PO Box 20038
Charleston, SC 29413

Drop-off location:

I live near Towne Centre in Mount Pleasant. If you prefer to drop off, please get in touch for an address and I will mail them when I have a stack.

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