An Update from Hope to Home – November 2022

From Tom Young with Hope to Home:

This has been a record year for delivering furniture and home goods to those just starting their new lives. 

From the warehouse this past quarter, we moved in a total of 60 individuals and families.  We saw many more families escaping homelessness, domestic violence and human trafficking this past quarter.

For the year, we have delivered furniture and other household goods, valued at over $137,000  to over 180 families and individuals.  Of these, 56 were veterans.  We have turned empty and often depressing places into comfortable, safe homes – places of new beginnings. 

So far this year, we’ve delivered: 293 beds and frames, 224 dressers, 120 kitchen tables, 398 kitchen chairs, 39 microwaves, 117 sofas , 118 stuffed chairs,113 coffee tables, 181 end tables, 360 table & floor lamps, 181 Linen Kits, 114 Kitchen Kits and over  200 adult and children’s Bibles, as we worked, laughed and prayed together with those we serve.  [Note from Tina: Our handmade cards are placed in the kits.]

Most of all, we delivered Hope.  It’s hard to describe the joy in both those we serve and in our volunteers when furniture arrives for those so much in need of comfort.

These new beginnings are a reality because of your generosity.  Thank you!

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