Kindness Cards from Kids

In an after school program at James B Edwards Elementary School, a group of kids made cards for a total stranger. It’s a great project for anyone to lead but even better when the leader is an 8-year old. Kayden is the daughter of one of our volunteer card makers. She’s come to a couple of our adult events and was excited to take part in our cards for kindness initiative.

Kayden asked her teacher if they could do this one afternoon in their Kaleidoscope program. This is a definitely a case when images are more meaningful than words so I have pictures below of some cards made by kindhearted 8-year-old kids. If kids can say nice things to strangers, I think we can do the same as adults, don’t you?

If this is something you want to do with a group of kids, I’m happy to provide some simple ‘how-to’ guides for drawing and suggested messages to include in your cards. We have a couple organizations you can learn about on this site but there are other ways to share, such as leaving a card on a car windshield or at someone’s front door.

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