People can be mean. In recent years, conflict around covid and politics have only added to the “ugly. ” When I read about bullying in schools, it makes me really sad, especially since it’s something I experienced in middle school. But I realize one of the sources where kids learn about bullying is us.

What if we instead set a different example to ‘be kind’? There are a number of ways we can do that, such as handmade cards, learning to connect with people different than us, performing acts of kindness etc… These are all ideas I’m stealing from other groups, such as Cards for Kindness, Action for Happiness, Human Library, etc…

This is not tied to a business, making money, selling a service or anything else. I wasn’t even going to include this page because this is not about me. I’m adding it only to show there’s a real, local person behind this project. I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant SC for 20 years and want to see where this might go.

Thanks for exploring it,

Tina Arnoldi