Future Plans

Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

We’ve been making cards since spring of 2022 and it’s been a great group of like-minded people. We enjoy getting together on occasion to create as a group.

As we are now in the beginning of 2023, there a few different options for expansion in the upcoming year. And now that your donations are tax-deductible, we hope to have more financial support.

Below are a few possibilities for expansion. Do you want to be involved? Please let us know here.

“Unfiltered Friends”: This would be way to connect people based on real life, similar to the Charleston Connects project I ran in 2016.

The Friendship Squad: This is something City Voices does in New York City. They have a video about it on YouTube and you can learn more on their website. What if we did something similar in Charleston? People would have someone walk beside them through a shared struggle but it would not overlap with existing services.

Time Bank: This would be a more in-depth startup project and I believe there was one in Charleston years ago. This is where people perform a service for others and receive a credit in return.

Community Skillshare: There’s no shortage of free courses online, but what if we shared what we know in a community setting?

Craft Moves: Making crafts for strangers, one of the many cool projects to come out of the Loneliness Lab.

Kindness Map: This would need a significant level of interest to be useful.

If you want to explore any of these ideas or share your own, please fill out our short form.